Physicians Need to Lead Our Country Through the Health Care Crises

Economic times will absolutely mean  big things for the business of medicine.  The amount of insured patients will go down, and the number of uninsured patients will go up.  So what does that mean to us, the primary care docs in the trenches? How do we shore up our economic coast and continue to see patients, which is what we trained for?  The obvious answer is first, to be prepared.  Decide in advance how much “self pay” your practice can afford and have a way patients can set up a payment plan.  Collect copays when they are due, and be prepared to challenge insurance companies to get paid for the work you do.

The bigger questions is: what can we do about health care in the United States? What solutions do YOU have as to providing care for the uninsured/underinsured?  Are your ready to become a leader?  What education do ALL physicians need to ensure we can deliver the care we all want to give?

I encourage all of you to get active in the political and economic climate we are in!  Stand up and make you voice heard!  We as physicians are uniquely qualified to guide our country in supplying appropriate care to our fellow citizens.


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